Verizon iPhone Release Date, iPhone 4G Release Date, Apple Asks For Device Back From Gizmodo

Verizon iPhone Release Date, iPhone 4G Release Date, Apple Asks For Device Back From Gizmodo

Yesterday the net was abuzz with news of real iPhone 4G images published by Engadget and then Gizmodo.

Everyone wanted to know if the iPhone 4G photos are authentic and if they are then are the speculations about June 22 being iPhone 4G release date or Verizon iPhone release date going to be proved true!
Gizmodo said that it had found the actual Apple device and so published iPhone 4G pictures and videos which led Apple to shoot off a letter to Brian Lam, editorial director at Gizmodo asking to return the device. That in itself confirms that what Gizmodo has shown us are true images of the iPhone 4G.

So the secret is out! Apple is still though not calling it iPhone and has also charged Gizmodo of bribing an unknown party with $5000 to get the prototype device.
According to Gizmodo senior contributor editor Jesus Diaz, it was Apple Software Engineer, Gray Powell who lost the iPhone 4G device at a bar in Redwood City.
The new features of the iPhone 4G are glass scree with a front-facing video chat camera along with a regular back camera but improved, camera flash, volume up and down buttons, metallic buttons for power, mute, volume functions, better display, micro-SIM similar to iPad.
So now what? Will Apple release this iPhone 4G or will start working on a completely new model as their well kept secret is out? Will the new device be with Verizon Wireless?
All these questions will be answered only in the time to come.

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