Google Nexus One vs iPhone: Round One goes to Nexus One in February Sales

Google Nexus One vs iPhone

Yes, its true. Google Nexus One has left iPhone behind in global sales by 16% for the month of February.

It came as a surprise when everyone was thinking that iPhone is the latest buzz and Google Nexus One is facing too many problems to become buyers’ choice in market. reports that Google Nexus One sales are rising and it has beaten iPhone sales by 16% for the month of February 2010.

Moreover the lead is supposed to be maintained by Nexux One this year as well as 2011.

So what is the reason for Google Nexus One phone beating iPhone? There are many actually. By design, iPhone is bound with AT&T whereas Nexus One can be used with many different carriers. Another flexibility that Nexus One offers is  “open source” platform of Android. 

The Google Android OS (operating system) lets open development of applications and customization of the phone. On the other hand iPhone is more tightly and securely controlled by Apple, and the applications for the iPhone have to pass through a very tough review process at Apple before they can ever reach the iPhone.

Let us see who wins in Google Nexus One vs iPhone war in the days to come.

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