Verizon iPhone Hopes Revived With Jobs’ Reference To Verizon Tower At Apple Campus

Verizon iPhone Hopes Revived With Jobs' Reference To Verizon Tower At Apple Campus

Adding more weight to the possibility of a Verizon iPhone, Apple CEO Steve Jobs hinted at the possible partnership during the Q&A session of the iPhone 4 antenna issues at the press conference on its Cupertino, Calif., campus Friday.

Asked about the reasons for Apple’s headquarter being a better receptive zone for iPhones, Jobs said, “We’ve got strong signal here. We have AT&T and Verizon cell sites on campus.” Does that mean Apple is working with Verizon to produce either an iPhone or a iPad with the carrier’s 3G cellular network? Should we hope for iPhone coming to Verizon soon?

This has led to speculations among analysts who say that iPhone on Verzion Wireless is soon on the way or it could be that Apple ensures its employees work without any reception problem or a Verizon tower is there from pre-iPhone days. Analysts believe Apple has been one control-freak as they controls all ingredients of their iPhone ranging from its pricing to iTunes integration, making the device the best-selling smartphone in the U.S.

But, Apple might now change its plan. At the June’s AllThingsD conference, Jobs told Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg that there are advantages of bringing the iPhone to additional carriers. The current rumors in the market state that a Verizon iPhone is coming in Jan 2011.

BussinessWeek had cited two unnamed sources that say Verizon iPhone 4 would be made available from January 2011. But, since a long time this rumor has been going around, it has been changed and rescheduled again. So, this rumor is still far from confirmed.

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