Verizon, Motorola Join Hands For 2 More Droids

Verizon, Motorola Join Hands For 2 More Droids

At the D8 conference, Verizon spokesperson said that presently Verizon iPhone is not coming so all those eagerly waiting for Verizon iPhone release date might have to wait more.

With that statement it looks like that Apple iPhone 4G release is possible at WWDC 2010 but not on Verizon.

Also Motorola is planing to launch two more Droid-based handsets in co-ordination with Verizon next month. Verizon is expected to make huge investments in marketing campaigns. The team of Verizon and Motorola have come up with some great hits. Expectations are high from the next ones.

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha told the investors recently. Verizon would be supporting Motorola in carrying out the marketing campaigns as well, Jha further informed.

The news of launch of new Droid-based handsets has heated up debate: whether the combination of Verizon and Motorola would rock again? The previous Droid that was released in November 2009 was a huge success, as over one million handsets were sold.

After the success of Motorola Droid, the company was considering to launch its second version, aiming to cash in on the previous success. “We will introduce new Droid products in the Verizon franchise,” Jha added.

Verizon’s marketing stint has also raised expectations from Motorola’s next Droids. According to reports, Verizon is likely to make massive investment on the advertising of the Motorola Droids. Verizon is learnt to have spent USD 100 million on the advertising of Droid and Droid Incredible. Experts believe that Verizon will make such massive investments only in the products that yield profits.

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Motorola Shadow is one of the main handsets that are on the cards of Verizon. The handset, discovered in Verizon’s corporate gym, has multifarious features such as 16GB in-built storage, Snapdragon processor; an 8 megapixel camera; an HDMI out port; and a 4.1-inch screen. Shadow is likely to be an ideal smartphone.

It’s pertinent to mention here that Verizon Wireless has the authority to issue licenses of the handsets under ‘Droid” brand from Lucasfilm. Hence, Verizona is likely to make the final call on the branding of Droid handsets or others it thinks is capable of yielding profit.

“Never from the beginning did we assume this would be a Motorola thing,” said Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon Wireless. “If [customers] think Android, that’s the generic. If they think Droid, that’s going to be the latest and the greatest on our network.”


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