Tim Tebow Keeps Reputation of being newsmaker with NFL Draft

Tim Tebow Keeps Reputation of being newsmaker with NFL Draft

Tim tebow’s agent has claimed on Tuesday night that they seem to know where the quarterback will be drafted this week.”I don’t know if it’s gonna shock the world because I always thought he was going to do well,” Sexton laughed. “But we pretty much know. We have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen.”

There has already been quite a bit of speculations around Tim’s drafting and Sexton who is amongst one of the veteran and respected agents has suggested that Tim has the potential to become one most saleable players in the history.

Many are still in disagreement of the fact that he is a quarterback material in spite of so much curiosity being generated around Tim.

However, Tim will undergo one of the most momentous situations in his life when hemakes a new beginning at the end of this week. And so long he is at the top, it is important to note that he will be ore often than not at his unconventional best.

Expect the unexpected is the mantra of life is Expect the Unexpected. He is loved by a lot of players as well as hated by a lot of others as well. In the recent history of all great atheletes he has been able to generate the maximum amount of discussions, deliberations and debates.

On one hand he has been hailed as the greatest college players ever while on the other hand he has been criticsed for his just passes NCCA rule. He has been the villain and a celebrated start inhis oun right. Says NFL talent guru Gil Brand has said that Tebow will be picked up late in the first round.

“He’s not an NFL quarterback,” Miami starter Chad
Likewise his reputation has been tarnished like anything since he changed his throwing throwing mechanics. Even then the NFL talent evaluators have three distinct groups of people – one, people who think he can play and hence want him in the team, two, people who are unsure of his ability to play quarterback but yet are willng to buy him and three, people who have no faith in his athletic prowess at all.

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It is very difficult to get a complete story of Tebow because he is an amalgam of characteristics to have entered the sporting arena after a long time. He laughed it off when he was asked by a reporter on whether he was practicing abstinence till his marriage and that had completely silenced the crowd.

EA sports had invited Tebow to appear in its show which also made him the coverboy of its 2010 NCAA video game. He says waiting for The Fall has evoked the maximum curiosity around him. He also showed his sense of humour by responding,” ou know what?

I crack my knuckles. All the time!” “I also have this really bad habit of leaving my cereal bowl on the table when I’m done, too,” Tebow said. However,a few years from now he might be a changed person. The cahallenges of NFL might just slow him down a bit.

He has apparently not spend money on anything extra and that he is still driving his old green Form Thinderbird

There is a possibility his faith based stand might lose out to faith based stands. ESPN’s Jon Grunden was surprised and gave critical smile when he was told by the player that other payers in the team will be pulled towards him due to his leadership.

“Sometimes, you just have to put on the film and see if a guy can play.” Says the player.

All said and done it was an exaggeration for his agent to say that they already known where he is going to land just like it was wrong to believe that they also knoa as to how his career is going to shape out. So far it has been a roller coaster ride for the quarter back and he says that he is keen to get on with life.

He also says that the strangest question that he was ever asked said,” Would you rather be the starting quarterback for our franchise, or the governor of Florida?” And Tebow in his trademark style said, want to be a starting quarterback first. But later? Why not both?”


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