Salt Review: Angelina Jolie in New Avatar as James Bond

Salt Review: Angelina Jolie in New Avatar as James Bond

Salt Review: The director of the film wanted Tom Cruise to play the titular role, but the Mission Impossible star declined, forcing Phillip Noyce to choose Angelina Jolie and settle for a gender-switch. Jolie plays Evelyn Salt; who is a CIA agent accused of being a Russian spy.

Salt movie follows the life of Jolie’s character, who is embroiled in a web of intrigue and is evading danger from her colleagues in the agency. Jolie is in an action-packed avatar as she displays the sort of punch-’em-up skills like James Bond.

The plot is little weak and at times it seems that it is subsidiary to the stunt sequences. The film fails to highlight the purported espionage thriller and Jolie never seems running for her life and she does not look in any real danger throughout the film.

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Noyce and Angelina had earlier worked together in The Bone Collector (1999) and in Salt they have tried to create a super-charged atmosphere. The narrative is slightly convoluted, which at times makes it tough for the audience to understand the meaning and this makes the film loose its real thrill. The relationship between Jolie and her arachnologist husband is not depicted in much detail and it has been shown in a couple of perfunctory flashbacks.

Angelina is superb in the film and has displayed swaggering confidence. Other actors are just ok and they look lackluster. Polish actor Daniel Olbrychski plays the role of Russian defector whose revelation sets Salt in action.

To conclude, I can say that the movie is only for the desperate action lovers and it will not be liked by those, who will go inside the theater looking for some real drama. But Jolie does not disappoint at all. Be back for more movie reviews.


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