Avatar Creates New Record In US DVD Sales

Avatar Creates New Record In US DVD Sales

James Cameron’s 3D sci-fi epic Avatar has broken the DVD sales record in the US by becoming the fastest-selling home entertainment release of all time in North America.

Around 6.7 million DVDs and Blu-rays were sold in just four days, bringing in $130m.

Avatar has pipped The Dark Knight, which had released in 2008, to bag the top spot. Film studio 20th Century Fox, which has produced the much-hyped movie said that Avatar was also the fastest-selling release on the Blu-ray format alone in North America.

Fox added that the movie was released on 22 April – “Earth Day” to chime with its environment-based theme.

Avatar is believed to be most expensive film ever made and it is about the story of a marine who infiltrates a race of giant blue aliens living on some other planet.

The $300 million movie became the highest-grossing movie of all time in January leaving behind Cameron’s another magnum opus, Titanic. Last week, Cameron had announced that he would re-release the movie this summer with some extra scenes of around six minutes. He also said that the sequel of the hugely successful film would be based around the ocean on the planet Pandora.

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