Pac Man 30th Anniversary Celebrations End Today

Pac Man 30th Anniversary Celebrations End Today

Today is the last day of the Pac Man 30th Anniversary celebrations of the hugely popular arcade game Pac Man, which was released in 1980. Internet giant Google celebrated the occasion by putting the game on its homepage. The iconic Computer game Pac Man, which was introduced by a Japanese company turned 30 this week.

Pac Man 30th Anniversary Celebrations End Today

The game was released on May 22nd, 1980 by Namco Bandai and it became a rage across the globe opening a huge market for video games at all level. The game was originally called Puck Man, because the character was shaped like the hockey puck.

When the game was launched in the US, it was given a new name, the Pac Man. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Pac-Man character is the most recognized video game character. Around 94% of Americans recognize the circular character. Pac Man is also the most successful coin-operated game ever produced.

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The arcade game was released at a time when Atari’s Pong and Asteroid were famous and the world was waiting for a unique style of gaming and Pac-Man filled the void pretty well. In 1981, Pac-Man was re-released and it was immediately lapped by the fans across the world.

Pac-Man has been remade again and again and more than 50 versions of the landmark maze game has been introduced so far. More than 10 billion games of Pac Man are played across the globe.


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