‘Prince of Persia-The Forgotten Sands’ Fails To Rock The Box Office In Foreign Markets

Prince of Persia -The Forgotten Sands

Walt Disney Studios’ big-budget video game adaptation “Prince of Persia” starring Jake Gyllenhaal opened in 19 foreign markets but it failed to defeat ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and the original ‘Iron Man’ in terms of earnings.

The film released in every major European country except France. It will release in the US and the rest of the world next week.

The film earned around $18 million, 5% more than the opening of “National Treasure” in the same countries in 2004. It is 13% less than the original “Iron Man” in 2008 and 24% less than “Kingdom of Heaven,” the historical epic which had released in 2005.

“Persia” is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Mike Newell and Disney is using the abovementioned films as benchmarks for “Persia.” “Prince of “Persia” opened at number 1 spot in every country except Great Britain, where it finished second with Russel Crowe-starrer “Robin Hood.” The top position was bagged by a local 3-D movie.

The studio noted that the past weekend was uncharacteristically warm in Western Europe, which affected film’s business, specially the matinee shows.


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