AT&T Samsung Captivate Review: Another Samsung Galaxy S Winner?

AT&T Samsung Captivate Review: Another Samsung Galaxy S Winner?

The smartphone market is growing with each passing day and their is no denying the fact that Apple’s iPhone is the clear leader at this point of time. Motorola Droid X, which was released by Verizon on July 15, has been lauded by many as a promising iPhone 4 rival.

But new Samsung Galaxy S series phones are not too far behind either. AT&T Samsung Captivate, which went on sale earlier this week, is also a good device. Here is AT&T Samsung Captivate review for you.


The device does not has an upper hand in number of pixels. But it has a four-inch, Super AMOLED display, which makes up for the lacking pixel. The screen quality of this device can be compared with high end IPS LCDs (like HTC EVO 4G/Motorola Droid X /Apple iPhone 4). According to Samsung, Captivate’s screen also helps in saving power, unlike other smartphones.


The Captivate is lighter than many smartphones, despite its big screen. It weighs in at 117.9 grams or 4.16 ounces , at least 20 grams (14%) less than the iPhone 4’s glass-backed and steel-framed 4.8 ounces (137 grams).


The Captivate has a 5 megapixels camera, but it lacks flash or front facing camera to do video chatting. The camera comes loaded with features like auto focus, smile detection, digital zoom, multi shot, effects, self-timer, Panorama, ISO control


The smartphone runs on Google’s hugely popular OS- Android 2.1. The OS seems to be perfectly compatible with Samsung’s own 1 GHz Hummingbird ARM processor. It is expected that the Captivate would get updated to 2.2 Froyo in future like other Google Android devices.

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