Apple iPad under attack from Malware

Apple iPad under attack from Malware

It seems like the popularity and high sales volume of the newly launched iPad is turning out to be a cause for concern.

Malware developers are now trying to cash in on the popularity of the device to spread malwares.

PC users have been receiving emails that promises to keep iPad softwares updated reports the security vendor. The email has a link which directs iPad users to download the latest version of iTunes software that would help in updating their software. In reality the link is actually to download malwares in the system.

Once downloaded the malware affects the explorer.exe process and opens up aunauthorised access of the system says Bit Defender. The malware has been identified as Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY. The malware has the ability to read the keys and serial numbers of various softwares that are installed in the affected system and also picks up the passwords for various services like messenger, ICQ etc. Apple is yet to release a patch for the malware.

A researcher at BitDefender thinks that the prank is ‘clever’ and that it was deliberately attempted for Windows users who have bought iPad and do not run a security product. The iPad itself has not yet been affected by any malware or any other malicious code.

As a precautionary measure Apple has advised users to download files from Apple’s official website and then install and activate a strong anti virus. Apple has also issued a recent warning those users who trying to unlock their iPhones are also targeted by malware creators who are spreading a Trojan virus.

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