White Supremacists Rally Against Illegal Immigrants, Clash with Pro-Immigration Groups

White Supremacists Rally Against Illegal Immigrants, Clash with Pro-Immigration Groups

A pro-white and white supremacist group protested against illegal immigration even as pro-immigration groups protested against them and demonstrated with stones and rocks. 

Several persons from the pro-white group made speeches on the podium and taunted the counter-protesters with racial, anti-Semitic and misogynistic epithets.  They even waved American flags and swastika banners and rallied for about an hour.  They were about 50 in number and they belonged to the National Socialist Movement.

Five persons, believed to be pro-immigration were taken into custody on suspicion of hurling rocks and other items, according to the police.  The pro-white group wore flack helmets and black military clothes and shouted ‘Sieg Heil’ as each speaker took the stage and taunted the other group.  The location (Los Angeles) was chosen because of its huge immigrant population.  The immigrants were partly blamed for the locals losing their jobs and the rise of crime was also attributed to them.

‘We will meet you head-on’, one pro-white declared.  The group came from Detroit.Members of this group said that they were actually reacting to many street rallies across the US which encouraged legislators to bring in change which added amnesty for some illegal immigrants.  The regional director Jeffrey Russell Hall of the National Socialist Movement said that they would henceforth back only those political candidates who were also anti-immigrant and would bring across the message.  The bigger crowd of 500 counter-protesters drowned out the voices of the white supremacists and held signs like ‘Nazis get out of LA’ and ‘Racists are Ignorant’.

A man who had Nazi lightning bold tattoos had been attacked by the other group and there was blood on his neck. James Lafferty, executive director of National Lawyers Guild attended as a legal observer and also as a counter-protester.  He said he saw the man get into a fight with the pro crowd who saw his offending tattoos.  Police Commander David Doan said another man was also assaulted and he was believed to be sympathetic to the white supremacists by the pro group.  Both were treated for minor injuries and let off.

Even the cars of the white supremacists were not let alone.  Protesters from the pro group threw stones, rocks and branches and other stuff over the police and into the parking lot where their cars were parked.  They shielded themselves with Swastika emblazoned shields. The white supremacist ultimately gave up the fight and pushed their car away to a safer zone where it was out of range of the projectiles.


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