What Is Netent Restrictions? 4 Useful Things You Should Know

what is NetEnt restrictions
what is NetEnt restrictions

Some people may wonder what is NetEnt restrictions. They want people to play their games for the proper reasons, which is to have a good time. They take Responsible Gaming very seriously at NetEnt, and they want to provide a source of enjoyment that is safe, secure, and fair for individuals over the legal age limit. 

Responsible gaming is a driving force in the development of a long-term business. The legal age limit is 18 years old or older, except in New Jersey, where the age limit is 21 years old.

What Does NetEnt Do for Players?

NetEnt assures that all of their games are designed to the highest standards and completely comply with the regulations set forth by the governing authorities as a licensed casino software supplier in numerous jurisdictions. 

Their objective is to enter regulated areas, and we completely support new rules that impose stringent responsible gaming requirements on both suppliers and operators (the casinos).

Netent does not have a direct interaction with the gamers as a software vendor (B2B). However, we feel it is their job to equip the clients (operators) with all of the tools and resources they require in order to engage in responsible gaming.

How Do They Ensure Game Security, Fairness and Accreditation?

Independent recognized test facilities independently test and certify NetEnt’s platform and games, including the random number generators (RNG) used to generate random game results (ATF) like in Koi Princess slot. 

They ensure that their goods comply with all requirements for the regulated markets in which we operate, such as player protection, fairness, and security.

What Is NetEnt Restrictions?

NetEnt will not allow NetEnt Casino Games to be distributed to any organization operating in any of the following jurisdictions without the necessary licenses (whether or not NetEnt Casino Games are being offered by the entity in that jurisdiction).

Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America are among the countries represented.

Self-control and Self-protection That Available in NetEnt

In self-exclusion, players who are having trouble regulating how much time or money they spend on the games are strongly recommended to contact the online casino where they registered their account, supplying their username, to request a temporary or permanent account freeze.

Because the online casino operator controls all authentication and permission, they can effectively restrict a self-excluded player from accessing NetEnt games. They also provide API capability that allows online casino operators to temporarily restrict player access to the casino Judi slot online.

In pay limits, NetEnt offers API capabilities for defining game play limits, as well as support for in-game warnings when those limitations are reached. 

These limitations must be applied by the online casino operator to cover both NetEnt and non-NetEnt products in order for them to apply to all games that a player is exposed to. NetEnt limits include an enormous reduction in bet limits per session/day/week/month, session length, bet limit for a specific game, and maximum single bet per game.

In the last for what is NetEnt restrictions, additional safeguards can be put in place once the NetEnt casino solution is configured to remind players how long they’ve been playing and how much they’ve won or lost. During game play, the Reality Check feature displays a periodic in-game notification to real-money participants. 

When the check is presented, the game is paused, and it is only restarted once the user has acknowledged the notification. In most jurisdictions, this feature is turned on by default. 

To make game play safer, NetEnt’s casino software can be set up to require a particular amount of time (usually 3 seconds) to elapse between game rounds. The game’s rapid spin ability is disabled with this setup.


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