US health care Services Worst Amongst Seven Equivalent Competitors

US health care Services Worst Amongst Seven Equivalent Competitors

United States health care system presents a dismal picture as far as the care of its citizens is concerned. A new annual report from the Commonwealth Fund reveals that the American citizens don’t get care because of the cost factor. It is in the list of countries that don’t provide health care services to all its citizens.

The report is based on the comparison of expenditure and outcome of health care services with seven major industrialized nations. The report revealed that America, despite outspending in comparison to the other countries, is lagging behind in terms of the health care services.

The Commonwealth Fund’s President Karen Davis said that the US health care services have a long way to go to come at par with its competitors. Davis termed this report as ‘disappointing’ more because the country makes considerable investment in this sector. America is lagging behind in five important areas of health care.

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This report is based on survey done on primary care doctors and patients. The information for years 2007, 2008 and 2009 were considered for countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and New Zealand apart from the Unites States. Netherlands topped this list, followed by UK and Australia.

It is worth mentioning here the United States spent $7290 per person in the year 2007. The amount was more than double of the amount spent in Canada and thrice more than what was spent in New Zealand. The amount was much higher as compared to the Netherlands.


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