UFC 116 A Resounding Success, Lesnar Vs Carwin Fight Makes The Event All The More Memorable

UFC 116 A Resounding Success, Lesnar Vs Carwin Fight

It was a historic night not only for the millions of martial arts fans but for the UFC 116 group as well and UFC 116 results were no less specially the Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin fight. When Brock Lesnar forced Shane Carwin to tap out, clinching the heavyweight title at UFC 116, the capacity crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena erupted like a canon blast.

Lesnar raised his arms and screamed in joy. After all, he had been waiting for this night for almost an year. Many believed that Lesnar’s emphatic victory is going to leave a lasting impression on the UFC universe. No wonder Lesnar vs Carwin video is in great demand.

UFC Prez Dana White, who stumbled out of the arena, said that it was an extremely overwhelming night. “This night almost gave me a heart attack,” White remarked. “I really went into the back, walked right out of the octagon into my back room, sat down and thought they were going to have to bring a defibrillator back there. I was seriously messed up after the show. I was blown away.”

But it was not all about Lesnar vs Carwin. Stephan Bonnar (16-7) went on to clinch light heavyweight grudge match against Krzysztof Soszynski (20-12-1) into a TKO victory. Just before the mega Lesnar-Carwin clash, Chris Leben (22-6) and Yoshihiro Akiyama (13-3) tore the arena apart. The match was so intense that no one could predict who was on top or who is going to win. Confusion prevailed until those 20 seconds when Leben tapped out to a triangle choke.

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The impressive victories of George Sotiropoulos (14-2) and Chris Lytle (40-17-4) certainly make UFC 116 one of the most wonderful nights in its history. “In 10 years of being in this business, I’ve never seen guys deliver like they did tonight,” White remarked.

Leben who was brought into the match against Akiyama just 14 days before the big night admitted that it was a special night. “There were a couple times when I threw a double punch and (Akiyama) looked up and smiled at me,” Leben said. “Because I know he knew it too, that we were fighting and this was good.”

Bonnar expressed similar feelings. “I’m about as high as you can get,” Bonnar said. “He actually hit me so hard, my head went back and I saw lights. When I tried to re-focus, I couldn’t see anything for a good 45 seconds.” “To get a win, this means the world to me.”

Lesnar, former WWE champion, dubbed the Saturday night clash as life of his fight. The former pro wrestler had come after a devastating injury. “It really truly is a miracle,” Lesnar said. “To come back from all of that and to be here and to win, words just can’t describe it. I really feel like I’m in a dream.”


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