Tricolore 7s Slot Review: RTP 96.24% (IGT) 

Tricolore 7s slot review
Tricolore 7s slot review

 Of course we know that you really need this Tricolore 7s slot review. This game is a classic slot machine from IGT that is dedicated to the Italian flag. 

The game has pros and cons, though we don’t expect many players to enjoy it due to its very simple nature. It was presumably designed for the Italian market first and foremost, but it is available for everyone else as well.

Best of Tricolore 7s Slot Review

They’ve reduced it to a simple three-reel slot with only one active line. Wins of up to 2,500 times the stake are still possible, and a payout of $250,000 is not out of the question. 

You shouldn’t expect any major features from this slot; it’ll be very basic. RTP is expressed as a range, with the highest value being 96.24%, but more on that later.

1. Wagering Options

Because there is only one payline, they allow for very small wagers, as low as $0.01 per spin. There is the option to increase the wager significantly, up to $100 per spin, with the entire amount going to a single active line once again.

You win by forming regular combinations, and the prize will be a multiple of the total bet, since the total bet is the same as the line bet here. A winning spin can pay out anywhere from 1x to 2,500x the stake, depending on what you get on those reels. 

The slot has a cap of $250,000, which you can only win if you bet the maximum of $100. There will be no extra features to help you increase your winnings.

RTP is expected to be between 92.54% and 96.24%. If it’s somewhere in the middle, as the developer seems to suggest, we’re looking at a return of less than 95%, which isn’t particularly appealing. That IGT range appears to be an attempt to conceal the slot’s poor return rate.

2. Game Features

Tricolore 7s will not have any of the usual features to assist you while playing because it is a fairly simple game, as we previously stated. There are no wild symbols, scatter symbols, or multipliers, which are common in other classic slots. You only have to form winning combinations to be paid.

In addition to regular wins of 3 matching symbols, prizes are awarded when three blank spaces appear on the line, when symbols of the same color (all red, white, or green) are mixed, and when Bar logos are mixed. The best rewards are given in exchange for a green, white, and red 7 that resembles the Italian flag.

3. Design and Theme

As a game dedicated to Italy and its flag, the three colors that make up the flag will be visible everywhere. The 3 colors used for the symbols in the slot are green, white, and red. 

The Italian flag appears in both the game logo and the picture. The outline of Italy is stamped several times on the background to leave no room for interpretation. The classics were chosen as the symbols for this project. There are three different types of Lucky 7s, as well as three different Bar logos. This is the best situs slot gacor for all.

Final Words

In the end of our Tricolore 7s slot review, the game appears to be a good choice for an Italian player, someone with Italian ancestry, or anyone who enjoys simple slots.

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