The Great Chicken Escape Slot Review RTP 96.50%

The Great Chicken Escape Slot Review

You must be curious about The Great Chicken Escape slot review. This slot machine, which has a funny design, was motivated by the 1963 movie The Great Escape. 

A rooster and four chickens play the main parts in the chicken version of the story, and we follow them as they attempt to flee a prison camp with dogs serving as the guards.

Summary of The Great Chicken Escape Slot Review

It should be mentioned that the game has good payouts to offer in addition to the humorous characters, which are a part of an excellent design. With the help of its extra features, this game’s potential winnings can reach 5,000x. 

The 20 active lines are available for winning combinations, and the remaining 5 reels spin. In terms of RTP, it does fairly well; the value cited is 96.50%.

1. Betting Options

The minimum bet you can make is $0.20, which will be sufficient to add $0.01 to each of the 20 available lines. The highest bet allowed is $100 each spin or $5 per line, although you can place much bigger wagers.

While the maximum payout for the regular game, or $50,000, is 500 times the amount stake, you’ll be glad to know that the extra feature has a significantly higher potential. The most fortunate players may win as much as 5,000 times their total wager, or $500,000.

We believe you will agree that The Great Chicken Escape slot review has a few respectable advantages on its side when you take into account a good RTP of 96.50%. The fact that you risk a lot of money playing this slot, which is quite volatile, is something we don’t particularly like.

2. Game Features

The wild Rooster, one of the key symbols in play, can be used both as a stand-in and to complete combinations on its own. For five Roosters on the same line, the payout might reach 25 times the total bet.

There are a number of random modifiers accessible, and they might start working at any moment to assist you when this occurs. One is the Guard Dog Wild, which increases the number of wild symbols on the reels by 4 to 9. 

Then there is Chicken Run Wilds, which can award up to 4 wild reels on a single spin. The third one, Care Package, can add up to 100 golden eggs as mystery symbols for that particular spin.

You receive more from The Great Chicken Escape slot review than just that. The slot machine has five separate bonus features, each of which can be unlocked by landing three to four scatter symbols. If you have five scatters, you automatically get the best option.

Three bonus games (Secret Tunnel, Poultry in Motion, and Big Money), as well as two different iterations of the free spins, are among the five features you can activate (10 rounds, in either Get Clucky or To The Other Side).

3. Theme and Design

The POW camp breakout is a brilliant concept, and the analogy to The Great Escape from 1963 is excellently executed. Given that so many more people will be able to enjoy it, the fact that this is a humorous story with chickens as the primary characters makes it a better slot machine. One of the main advantages of the game after its name is its outstanding design quality.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion of The Great Chicken Escape slot review, there are several excellent reasons to give this game a try, like the main characters’ sense of humor, a nice design, the above average RTP, and the 5,000x top payout.

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