Republican Congressman Mark Souder Resigns After Confessing To Affair

Republican Congressman Mark Souder Resigns After Confessing To Affair

Republican congressman Mark Souder called a press conference and said, I’m resigning rather than put my family through a painful drawn out process”.

He was likely to face investigation by the House of Representatives ethics committee even if he had stayed on in his job.

His office issued a statement which said that Souder, 59 had “sinned against God”, his wife and family by having an affair with a part time member of his staff.

The first task at hand for the Republicans is to replace him as a candidate for November’s election.

The Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman said that the Republicans would in all probability retain the seat as it is one of the most pro Republican seats.

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The US House is today controlled by the democrats but with the existing anger of voter against Washington, lawmakers are trying to retain the advantage.

“The Almanac of American Politics” defines Souder as “an evangelical Christian”.
He had privately met with House of Republican Leader John Boehner. Boehner’s spokesperson said that he as unaware of the details of the conversation but he is very sure that “Boehner has been perfectly clear that he will hold our members to the highest ethical standards.”

Souder had won re-election with 55% votes in his favor.

Souder had gained his reputation in the House for challenging Republican leaders bringing more regulations on the US drug poll.


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