Michelle McGee Denies Having Destroyed Sandra Bullock Jesse James Marriage

Michelle McGee Denies Having Destroyed Sandra Bullock Jesse James Marriage

Michelle McGee has denied having destroyed Sandra Bullock’s marriage despite having had an 11 month affair with her husband Jesse James.

In an interview to E! News she is quoted to have said,” I am not a home wrecker,” ”I don’t believe I destroyed their marriage. Jesse destroyed his marriage. My message to Jesse would be,” If you were honest to me up front…..we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

It is reported that despite source telling McGee that Jesse, 40 and Sandra, 45 were still married she went to bed with him.

She claims:” He made it clear, they weren’t together. I believed him. I did have a little bit of my suspicions. I had mentioned things to him like, “let’s go out on a ride or out to dinner and he said, “I can’t really do that.” She has also claimed that she doesn’t believe that he has gone for rehabilitation. “I don’t know what’s going through his head … I was really shocked he went to sex rehab,” she says. “It was a bogus move,” McGee goes on, adding: “I think [rehab] is an easy thing for celebrities that cheat on their wives.”

McGee has also said that while it is hard to be the most hated person in America but she did the right thing by telling her story because the tabloids would have still got hold of the story without her telling it.

“I’m sorry this all happened,” she says. “I want to apologize for her hurt and embarrassment. I’m sorry this went public. “I knew I was going to get some kind of backlash—this was America’s sweetheart,” she adds. “[But] I would do it again.”

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