Lady Gaga Reunites With Former Flame Luc Carl

Lady Gaga Reunites With Former Flame Luc Carl

The “Poker Face” singer Lady Gaga has decided to give her former beau Luc Carl a second chance to rekindle their romance. The development must have please the nightclub owner, who wants to become a rocker some day.

Gaga and Carl have been secretly dating for the past five weeks. According to British daily Mirror, the couple were spotted at a string of quiet, celeb-free haunts.

Luc has always been Gaga’s real love and they have stayed in touch throughout her stratospheric rise to fame. She is very nervous and doesn’t want to make things official just yet as she’s been badly burned in the past. They hooked up for coffees and doughnuts in a few low-key bars to test the waters, and last month Gaga bought him tickets to a Mets game – the team he supports,” said an insider.

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“It’s early days but her family are supportive as they want to see their little girl settle down. She needs a calming influence,” added the insider.

The romance between Gaga and Luc started in 2005 but they split before Gaga released her first album. Gaga later blamed her one-time drug habit for the split and people say that her first album is all about Luc. Let’s hope that the couple remain united this time and their romance blossom with each passing day.

Meanwhile, Gaga’s another old flame, Rob Fusari, is suing the The Just Dance singer for £20million, claiming he had launched Gaga, who is now a well-known international star, as a pop singer.


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