Kentucky Derby 2010 Has Maximum Female Viewership This Year

Kentucky Derby 2010 Has Maximum Female Viewership This Year

Among all the major sporting events on TV each year it is the Kentucky Derby which attracts more female viewers than male viewers.

According to NBC and Nielsen research for last two years more fashionable women watched Kentucky Derby than male viewers.

Since 2008 race, Kentucky derby saw its biggest rise, with sporty feature stories on fashion and food and also celebrity interviews shown across the media.

In 2009, the Kentucky Derby attracted two percent more female audience than male viewers making it again just the third sporting event along with the Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics to pull more female than male viewers.

The ceremony of the Kentucky Derby is arguably a close second to the Super Bowl. The Kentucky Derby fashion and festivities is one of the tremendous attraction for female viewers and NBC plans to capitalize on that this season.

During this time all kinds of people will be talking about racing — at work place, in pubs and bars, and in restaurants all across the United States.

NBC will air the second annual “Ladies First: Bravo at the Kentucky Derby” special live from Churchill Downs in Louisville, on Friday at 5 pm ET. Bravo host Andy Cohen will host a one-hour special feature on best cuisine, fashion and celebrity experience related to the Kentucky Derby. The 136th annual Kentucky Derby is set to air 4 pm ET on NBC.


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