Holy Diver Slot Review: Volatility, Bonus, Max Win Possibility & Features

Holy Diver Slot

Holy Diver Slot, formerly best known as a 1983 Heavy Metal smash hit, is now inextricably linked to Big Time Gaming’s most recent and finest product. Players are first exposed to the Reel AdventureTM mechanics, a novel approach to playing the slots that creates a completely distinctive experience.

This bad boy, which is played on a 6-reel engine (slaps roof of car), can fit so many Megaways and, as is customary with these guys, it is brimming with potential.

Although the brilliant blue sky certainly makes it appear anything but dark, Holy Diver Slot is a combination of several elements, but most plainly it’s an online slot with video game-style animations set in the dark ages. Holy Diver, as we’ve been told, truly dates back to the Bonanza era, but construction wasn’t finished until recently. Visually, it does like a traditional Big Time Gaming slot and, in our opinion, shares some similarities with DragonBorn (2016).

The majority of us want to learn more about these slots right away when we hear about a new BTG release because they are well-known for having extremely high potential and unpredictability. Although it has less volatility than some of the other games, which makes it appear to be slightly more wager-friendly, the possibility is still there.

On the reels are low-value A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 royals as well as 4 jewels, with the purple gem being the most valued and paying 15 times the wager for 6 on a full payline. If you are accustomed to playing Bonanza, you will probably notice that the symbols are not nearly as valuable here. The game is still capable, as you shall see; it is just presented in a different way.

Holy Diver Slot: Features

Holy Diver Slot

The game’s distinctive structure is a result of the recently popularized Reel AdventureTM concept, which allows players to better their performance and increase their chances of winning.

In the base game, the reel set can accommodate up to 7 symbols per reel and expand to 117k win ways. Below the reel set, an animated knight moves along a path and kicks a treasure chest every 1 to 5 spins to reveal one of 4 reel modifiers:

  • Standard Symbol Bonus – Randomly, one of the low-value symbols is picked and turned into a wild.
  • Sword Bonus – In actual Peril! With a multiplier of up to x7, it adds up to three completely wild reels in high voltage form.
  • Fireball Bonus – Up to 4 wild symbols are launched onto the reels.
  • Gem Symbol Bonus – Gives forth one or more Gems that are later turned into wilds. As you go through the stages, the wilds could appear as x2 or x3 multipliers.

There isn’t a conventional scatter symbol in Holy Diver Slot. Instead, they must gather the jewels that have been exposed in the chests. To activate the bonus feature, you need to land 4 of these, one of each hue (you can land all 4 at once). There is a twist, though. You can choose not to play the bonus and go to level 2 instead of playing the free spins feature at progression level 1. After that, you will return to the base game and play with an improved x2 wild multiplier.

You will once more have the choice to enter the free spins (playing with a multiplier of x2) or advance to level 3, the ultimate stage, if you trigger the bonus at level 2. You will have no choice but to start the free spins now playing with an x3 multiplier if the bonus is activated at level 3. In a sense, you choose your own volatility in this way.

If you choose to activate the free spins, you will receive 10 spins. As the 1983 Heavy Metal smash hit Holy Diver Slot begins, it may now become clear where the game’s name came from. Definitely, baby! Watch out for gems that show up on the second through fifth reels of the bonus game because they’ll turn into wild symbols with multipliers based on your level. They become x2 and x3 wild multipliers at level 2 and level 3, respectively.

The valiant knight is present with you as well. He fights legendary opponents in his path rather than kicking open chests. When you vanquish them, either nothing is left in your possession or you discover gleaming gems.

The first four diamonds award you one extra spin each, and the fifth diamond reactivates the bonus round and awards you eight more free spins. The win ways rise up to a maximum of 586k Megaways with each re-trigger. Because the re-trigger is reachable up until the very last spin, the design is amazing.

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Holy Diver Slot: Verdict

Holy Diver offers a really original and cutting-edge experience that is wholly unlike anything we’ve ever encountered. The game’s design is excellent and makes you feel involved and like a link in the chain of events by allowing you to choose whether to level up or go for the bonus.

Undoubtedly a novel idea, the Reel AdventureTM mechanic falls short of the dynamic grandeur of the Megaways engine that has helped it become so well-known. You can also try other games such as sports games, poker, and judi bola on the DEPOBET88 site

Holy Diver’s success or failure will obviously depend on the players, but we have a lot of affection for it and enjoyed playing the demo version of it. Holy Diver Slot is clearly not just for MetalHeads, and when that song starts blasting in the additional material, we turn up the volume to 11 and wish it would never finish.

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We advise playing Kingmaker, another Megaways game from Big Time Gaming with a similar theme, if you enjoy Holy Diver Slot.


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