Health Watchdog Threatens To Sue McDonald’s Over Happy Meal

Health Watchdog Threatens To Sue McDonald's Over Happy Meal

The ‘Happy Meals Toys’ are no happier for the quick service restaurant McDonald’s. McDonald’s has been threatened by a health watchdog to remove the toys from all of their meal packages.

According to the reports, a watchdog group has said that the ‘happy meals’ from this quick service restaurant are the contributing to childhood obesity. It is worth mentioning here that McDonald’s claims that the menu choices that they offer are healthy for kids.

The watchdog group sent a letter to the fast food giant in which they expressed their intention of suing the company if they don’t take the required steps. The watchdog group says that the plastic toys should be removed from all schemes as they attract kids for a junk food option.

It should be noted that a Silicon Valley county banned McDonald’s toys only a few weeks back. The county was the first to take step in this direction. However, McDonald’s strongly opposes this criticism. It spokesmen William Whitman claimed that the meals were right-sized. He said that the toys add to fun along with the family experience at the restaurant.

The menu of the fast food chain replaced French fries with apple slices to make it healthier for the kids.


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