Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo: Paylines, RTP Features

Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo

Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo – Play’n GO releases a follow-up to their 2014 circus-themed slot Golden Ticket as part of its ongoing sequel season. While perfecting the game’s appearance, features, and potential, the studio remained true to its core principles. Actually, when you put it that way, it does seem like there have been a lot of changes. Let’s examine Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo new features from the front row.

There are many visual similarities between the two games. Like Jolly Roger 1 and 2, it’s not entirely disconnected. The same 5×5 layout with 20 fixed paylines is available to players at stakes ranging from 20p to £/€100 per spin. The game is set in a tent with clowns, ringmasters, and other big top characters.

The fact that we’ve moved inside the canvas this time around rather than having most of the action take place outside is a minor cosmetic change. Thankfully, one of the main selling points of the original still applies; the spirit is unchanged. The old-time circus was expertly revived for the sequel by Play’n GO, who completely captured its look and feel.

Since Play’n GO uses configurable RTP, which you are probably already aware of, you may encounter various RTP settings depending on where you are playing. Although 96.5% is the default RTP. If you’ve played the original, be aware that the math model has been changed, and be ready to face a completely different opponent. While the follow-up Play’n GO slot is as volatile as they come, the first one was a medium volatile slot.

The way Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo is played is as follows: 25 symbols fall into the grid with each spin. When three or more matching symbols connect either horizontally or vertically, you win. Any unseen symbols fall into the empty spaces of the grid after payouts are made, possibly creating new winning combinations. Winning combinations are then removed from the grid. Each new drop raises the win multiplier by one, and a new base game spin returns it to x1.

Five low-paying and three high-paying circus emblems make up the entire paytable. A monocycle, various props for juggling, a target, knives, and a ringmaster’s hat are among the low-paying acts. For prizes of two to four times the bet, hit a line of five low values.

The three show characters who receive the highest payouts are the clown, the blindfolded knife thrower, and the ringmaster. No matter what symbol is in the combination, a 5 of a kind pays 10 times the wager. For lines of three or more mixed premiums landing horizontally or vertically, players also receive a consolation award of up to 5x.

In Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo, the golden tent, which can be substituted for any pay symbol to complete a combination, is the final symbol. It is also worth a fair amount on its own, with 5 in a row paying out 50 times the wager. A wild symbol is created in the middle position after a three-symbol winning combination is eliminated. They are taken off the grid if all that is left are wild cards.

Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo

Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo: Features

The features have been significantly altered by Play’n GO, who now emphasize multiplier wilds. Win Spins, and free spins. A three-segment meter that is located to the left of the grid fills up when premium wins occur. Wins with three, four, or five symbols fill one, two, or three segments of the meter, respectively. When the meter is fully filled, the multiplier wilds feature, which adds 1 or 2 multiplier wilds at random to the reels, is activated.

The third character, which determines which wild multiplier it will be, is displayed on the right. The x1, x2, or x3 multiplier wilds are given out by an active clown, knife thrower, or ringmaster, respectively. A single game round’s worth of the multiplier wilds function can be activated; after that, the character changes for the subsequent trigger.

The word BONUS is concealed underneath the grid’s symbols, much like the original. When the BONUS row is cleared, free spins are awarded, and there are three possibilities. Players select the option that best suits them because the multiplier and volatility increase as the number of free spins decreases.

  • A wild multiplier of three during five extremely risky free spins.
  • 7 free spins with a x2 multiplier during medium volatility.
  • x1 multiplier wild and 9 low volatile free spins.

A Win Spin with a 2×2 multiplier wild is initiated during a round of free spins when the meter reaches three segments. The multiplier wild is randomly placed on the board and a new symbol grid appears. In between winning spins and free spins, the win multiplier is reset.

Filling up five parts on a Win Spin initiates another one, however keep in mind that the win multiplier is not reset between subsequent Win Spins. If you manage to clear off the full grid, you will also receive a bonus prize worth 500 times your wager.

Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo: Verdict

It will be interesting to see if the sequel’s audience includes the same people who enjoyed the original. The two games, which each handle the circus theme stylishly and produce a ton of big top atmosphere, initially appear to be quite similar. On the other hand, because of the greater volatility and potential, it might be better suited for someone with a more committed mindset.

The additional game of target shooting being eliminated may be disappointing for some. Even though it didn’t offer much in the way of financial gain, the concept was perfectly suited to it and it was fun. Although far more advanced, the new bonus games can still result in more dramatic moments and bigger winnings. Now, Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo gives winnings up to 5,000 times the wager, which is equal to two wins.

Overall, Moon Princess meets Golden Ticket 2 Slot Demo in terms of appearance, with a few Pimped (Win Spins) elements thrown in for good measure. The end result can be just as enjoyable as a day at the circus. That is, one of those hilarious disasters of a show that constantly poses the risk of escalating to total mayhem from a state of barely restrained disorder.There are many types of slot games that you can try and play, only on the Aw8indo slot site.

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