Glee Finale Recap: Season One Happy Ending Was Impressive

Glee Finale Recap: Season One Happy Ending Was Impressive

The first season of “Glee” ended with a lot of music and a side of cheese. The “Glee” producers must be happy to see that their first-season finale perfectly represented the season as a whole.

The episode started in an uneven manner, much like the entire first year of the show. The episode had everything: an action-packed plot, a couple of flashy musical numbers, cheesiness and an overly sentimental song in the end. The episode was titled “Journey” but going by the sentimental scenes it could have been titled “Tears” or maybe “Don’t Forget Your Tissues.”

When Schuester came to know that Sue Sylvester will be the judge at regionals, he was angry. The kids were devastated after hearing the news because they knew that with Sue judging them, they had no chance of winning.

Schue went to Emma for some guidance and she reminded him that it is winning or losing is not important. She asked Schue to love what he is doing. She also told Schue that she was dating her dentist. Sued finally broke down when he heard “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” on the radio, in his car.

There was a Journey medley as well and the whole gang participated in the medley. They were wearing gold dresses and ties in order to celebrity judges Josh Groban, Olivia Newton-John, Rod Remington and Sue Sylvester.

Aural Intensity was first up with a Groban/Newton-John medley, followed by New Directions. Finn told Rachel he loved her and then the gang sang the aforementioned medley of “Faithfully,” “Any Way You Want It,” “Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ ” and a brand-new version of “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Then the group went backstage happily. As the group reached backstage, Quinn’s mom showed up and sought forgiveness from Quinn for the disownment thing and urged Quinn to come home. Then Quinn started crying and the entire crew followed their teammate to the ER, where she had her baby via a montage that was very funny.

The montage was cut between Vocal Adrenaline’s showstopping performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Sue voted New Directions first and Vocal Adrenaline last and admitted that she admires Schue because she didn’t want to live in a world where she couldn’t make fun of his hair.


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