EMC Chief Joe Tucci Sees Big Business In Cloud Computing

EMC Chief Joe Tucci Sees Big Business In Cloud Computing

EMC Corp. chief executive Joe Tucci today said that this is just the beginning of the revolution in digital technology, as cloud computing technology made it possible to link billions of computers and cellphones.

“We’re now going through what I believe is pretty much going to be the biggest wave in the history of information technology,’’ said Tucci, adding that his company is set to benefit from the digital revolution.

Tucci made his remarks at the company’s annual convention at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. About 5,000 EMC customers from 103 countries are attending the show besides 750 of Tucci’s allies including data networking giant Cisco Systems Inc.

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EMC makes systems for managing the huge stores of data of corporations and governments and the company unveiled a key component of its private cloud strategy yesterday. The new strategy named EMC VPLEX will allow a company to store their information at multiple data centers but the company would be able to keep track of all the information as a single information warehouse.

“You can have multiple physical devices at multiple addresses all acting as one system. You’re essentially building your own cloud by connecting multiple storage systems,’’ said Brian Babineau, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group in Milford about EMC VPLEX.


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