Dancing With The Stars 2010, April 12 Recap: Kate Gosselin Gets Lowest Scores Of The Night

Dancing With The Stars 2010, April 12 Recap: Kate Gosselin Gets Lowest Scores Of The Night

Dancing with the Stars 2010 episode last night was different vis-a-vis the scoring system. The contestants were to get two scores- one for technique and the other for performance.

The performances began with ESPN reporter Erin Andrews and her partner. Erin was suffering from a bad back but she did perform her tango. Bruno was not very happy with the performance saying she lost the magic about halfway through. I won’t blame her with her back situation. Scores: 18 for technique, and 21 for performance.
Then came, the inevitable Kate Gosselin whining video… once again. It would be nice to see her concentrate on her dance practice instead of complaining about everything!
Olympic figure skater Evan Lysachek and his partner, Anna did create some magic next with their tango. Their scores reflected it too: 26 out of 30 for technique, and 26 for performance. Remember they were the highest scorers of last week. Bruno referred to Evan’s dancing as “A hint of catlike arrogance”.
Niecy Nash and Louis performed next their rhumba. Louis referred to it as “very spiritual.” Both looked nice. It was nice enough performance but judges were not so impressed. Sadly none of the three judges liked it. Niecy was in tears. Scores: 18 for technique, and 18 for performance.
I guess spiritual does not work on DWTS 2010.
Next was the turn of Aiden Turner and partner Edyta. What an outfit Edyta! I guess you are not very shy. As far as dancing goes Aiden is still no better. Scorecard reads 15 for technique, and 18 for performance.
Nicole Scherzinger and Derek were coming up next but wait…here comes more of Kate Gosselin DWTS special. Why, God why, she has to keep talking like that and poor Tony has to keep listening to her!
Coming to next performance, Nicole did impress, so did her partner Derek. Audience was quite taken by the performance but the judges..well that’s a different story. They have to be critical, I feel. Scores: 25 for technique, and 25 for performance.  That is good, so why the criticism?
Then came the video which I personally dislike after Kate Gosselin. Its Jake Pavelka and partner Chelsie. About their performace, here is what Bruno had to say, “dees tango was very, very, very, very messy.”  Carrie Ann said that they were “not connected emotionally or physically.”
Scores: 19 for technique, and 19 for performance. Not very good!
What Kate Gosselin has to say next! This: “Everyday I wake up and look at the news to see what hell I am going to go through.”
Is there any end to her whining?
Now she was saying that others had some advantage or the other over her like Erin was a cheerleader and her vote plea, “If I get voted off, I’ll feel like I quit.”
Her performance was OK though by her standards! Len appreciated Tony, Carrie Ann was proud of Kate while Bruno said that Kate was dancing ” the tiniest drop.”
Scores: 14 for technique, 18 for performance. After all the nice words, the scores did tell the truth. The lowest of the night.
Next performance, Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl did improve from last week doing the rhumba. Good work! Judges too were very appreciative. And guess what! Chad gave Cheryl a diamond ring. Now that’s some way of saying thank you.
Scores: 21 for technique, and 23 for performance.
The closing performance was Pamela Anderson doing the rhumba with partner Damian. Like Carrie Ann said, “There was magic happening.” The other two judges shared the sentiment.
Scores: 23 for technique, and 24 for performance.
So that’s it for DWTS 2010 review of last night episode. Now America has to decide who stays and who goes on Dancing with the Stars tonight. Who do you think will go tonight on Dancing with the Stars results episode? Post your comments to us and we will be back with more DWTS 2010 news and reviews for you.

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