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Charms and Clovers Slot

Irish Leprechaun folklore comes to life more than ever in Charms and Clovers slot. This famous theme exploited by the most eminent slot machine developers is put forward here by Betsoft in the rules of the art. We are indeed entitled to visuals, graphic and sound animations as well as high-end features on this title. What if we took a closer look at all these beautiful people?

Theme and design

Charms and Clovers has a somewhat unusual configuration with 40 paylines. Its grid includes 6 reels and 4 rows! Until then, everything seems normal, but you have to focus on the side of the 6th reel to understand that this slot machine is original. Indeed, it shifts from the entire grid and is located a little away to the right of the screen.

That said, this slot has a usual theme, that of the leprechaun. This universe is highlighted here through impressive 3D graphics, as well as the various graphic and sound animations.

The symbols present on Charms and Clovers are inspired by the theme. Among other things, there are four-leaf clovers, pots of gold, horseshoes and even the leprechaun himself. A Wild as well as 4 other special symbols, appearing only on the 6th reel, are also integrated into this slot machine


As usual, on Charms and Clovers, the Wilds, represented by a 4-leaf clover, replace all the ordinary symbols. Their wild role does not apply to the special symbols on the 6th reel. As for the latter, they are activated when the player manages to stack 4 of the same type on the 6th reel. They give the right to 4 types of bonuses that can help Aw8indo players win substantial gains:

  • Money Wheel: Bring up a Wheel of Fortune on a new screen. This grants x4, x5 or x15 multipliers, in addition to giving the right to the Super Wheel allowing you to win a mini-jackpot or a x40 multiplication of winnings;
  • Mega Symbol: offers 8 free spins and the possibility of spawning the Mega Leprechaun symbol of 3×3 size compared to the ordinary;
  • Golden Bonus: 5 pots of gold appear on the screen. The player will have to choose one to get a prize;
  • Pots of Gold: allows you to obtain 8 free spins during which 3 Wilds will appear randomly on the screen during each rotation.


With 40 paylines, Charms and Clovers has a slightly unique setup. There are 6 reels and 4 rows in its grid. Prior to then, everything appears normal, but you must pay close attention to the side of the sixth reel to realize that this slot machine is unique. It does, after all, move away from the entire grid and may be found a bit to the right of the screen.

The theme serves as an inspiration for the emblems found on Charms and Clovers. Four-leaf clovers, gold pots, horseshoes, and even the leprechaun himself are among the other symbols. This slot machine also includes a Wild and four additional unique symbols that only appear on the sixth reel.

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