BP Plans To Sell Spill Oil from Gulf of Mexico Well

BP Plans To Sell Spill Oil from Gulf of Mexico Well

il from the Gulf of Mexico spill, believed to be the worst in US history, could soon end up at gas stations, construction sites and even grocery stores as British oil giant BP is planning to sells the spilled oil to raise money for wildlife protection.

Earlier this week, BP had announced that it would donate the money generated by selling the oil captured from the well to support the efforts needed to protect and restore wildlife habitat along the Gulf Coast.

BP has not released the details on how the money will be distributed and the company said that it is not certain how much money might be raised. “Oil is oil. There’s no stamp or anything on it. It’s all the same molecules,”,” said Julius Langlinais, professor emeritus of petroleum engineering at Louisiana State University to AP.

According to experts, about 40 million gallons to 109 million gallons of oil have spewed into the Gulf since a drilling rig exploded April 20, killing 11 workers.

The Obama administration’s point man for the oil spill, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said that 4 million gallons of crude have been siphoned off the leaking well since the leak began around two months ago. Allen added that around 18 million gallons of oil have been skimmed by the rescue workers from the ocean surface.

Meanwhile, BP spokesman Mark Proegler said negotiations were still on to find a buyer for the captured oil. “There’s nothing special about it, other than everyone’s looking at it,” he said.

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