Apple iPhone 4 Unveiled At WWDC By Steve Jobs

Apple iPhone 4 Unveiled At WWDC By Steve Jobs

Apple fans across the world yesterday got the first true glimpse at the Cupertino-based company’s latest device- iPhone 4, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the device at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2010) in San Francisco.

The device will go on sales from June 24 but critics are already considering it as superior to its predecessor, the Apple iPhone 3G. The new device comes with several features, which are absent in the 3G and 3GS. It’s 24 percent thinner than its predecessor. It runs on Apple’s ARM-based A4 central processor. Notably, the same chip is fitted in the iPad also. It is powered by iPhone OS 4 and has a 5-megapixel camera.

It comes equipped with a front-facing camera as well. If the device has so many features, there are some irritants which make it not that great too specially when compared to a great smartphone like Sprint HTC Evo 4G. Firstly iPhone 4 users can use Facetime video calling only over Wi-Fi. The second letdown is that FaceTime also only works iPhone 4 to iPhone 4.

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One of the biggest irritant is that the smartphone is still AT&T only. Speculations were strong that Apple would give its new device to other carrier networks as well (specially Verizon iPhone was highly expected), but they were left disappointed when there was no mention of the device hitting other carrier networks. The next irritant comes from AT&T who has decided to scrap unlimited data plans. Ofcourse, this problem is not related to Apple, but it will affect nearly every Apple iPhone 4 user.

Apple iPhone 4 is cool, but Sprint HTC Evo 4G is better and here is why. Evo is the first commercially available 4G smartphone and it is set to attract customers, who are willing to use Android-powered device. It has a larger screen than iPhone 4. The HTC device also has support for Google Voice, free navigation and unlimited multitasking.

The comparisons between the two smartphones are sure to continue for some more days, but as the JC News Network pointed out: “The new iPhone 4 doesn’t mean it is a 4G phone. The only 4G phone as of the moment is the HTC EVO 4G. It is being powered by Sprint Mobile that uses WiMax, the only network provider that offers 4G.”


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