40 Burning Hot Slots Review: By EGT

40 Burning Hot

Playing 40 Burning Hot slot for real money? Every single person who enjoys playing casino slots will say that they would like to have good luck rather than bad luck. We all know how amazing it is to feel like you’re on fire and simply can’t lose, so perhaps that is why so many games at slot online casinos incorporate fire as either a primary or secondary theme. Once a winning run starts, it may seem as though it will never end—until it, of course, does. Hey, we can still have dreams.

In 40 Burning Hot by EGT Interactive, the most recent installment of a series that constantly ratchets up the action, the fires are hotter than ever. You might be familiar with the original Burning Hot machine, and it appears that the new version, which will soon be released, will maintain the same timeless action as the title that launched this brand. But this time, there’s more action than ever because, as the name implies, you’ll be playing on more paylines, which will make each round of the reels more thrilling.

A Classic Design – 40 Burning Hot Slots

A release of the 40 Burning Hot video slot is anticipated for late 2017 on EGT Interactive software-powered websites. Although we haven’t seen the finished product, all signs point to the game having the same general style and structure as the first Burning Hot machine. 

So, we may anticipate a green color scheme, dark reels, and straightforward but attractive symbols. Although these designs won’t blow anybody away, they are highly useful and undoubtedly attractive enough to seem professional. The layout is conventionally pretty reasonable and clean.

While we are unsure of the specific coin denominations that will be offered when this game launches, we do know that EGT generally does a fantastic job of making sure that both big rollers and low limit players may play most of their machines. You may try out this game without spending any real money because they all have playable free versions available. Additionally, they provide their software in a browser-based, no download required manner, guaranteeing compatibility with the greatest number of desktop OS systems and mobile devices.

40 Burning Hot

Cherries, Bells, and Sevens

The enlarged 4×5 layout of the five-reel 40 Burning Hot video slot gives it a somewhat larger play area than earlier games in the series. The game’s title makes it clear why: instead of the original machine’s five paylines, this one will feature 40 for players to win on (and double the 20 in the other new edition that the company is also working on). But the game’s goal is still straightforward: to win prizes, line up identical symbols on the paylines from left to right.

These symbols are among the oldest in the history of video games, with low-value ones consisting of oranges, lemons, and cherries as well as other fruits. You could choose to match three or more bells, watermelons, or grapes to receive greater prizes. The seven is the highest-paying symbol, and hitting only two of them in a succession on the same line will net you a little sum of money.

Field of Fire

So how did this device obtain its flaming moniker? The four leaf clovers that serve as the wild symbols are the key. The three central reels will include these common good luck charms, which can be used in place of any other symbol to complete winning symbols. But they’re much better than you may expect: once they show up and can contribute to a win, they’ll span the full reel, aiding on all available paylines.

There are also two scatter symbols in play here, but unlike many other games, they won’t activate any bonus features. Instead, regardless of where they appear on the reels, these two symbols payout prizes. Anywhere on the screen could display a dollar sign, and if you strike three or more of them, you’ll win prizes. However, stars only show up on the first, third, and fifth reels; if you hit all three, you’ll win a rather substantial instant payout.

The jackpot cards game, which may be activated randomly on any spin, is the only bonus feature available on this machine and offers the highest prizes. You uncover cards in this four-level progressive game until you get three of a kind, at which time you win the matching prize (clubs being the smallest, with spades being the top jackpot). 

We should also point out that there is a gamble function that enables players to take a chance with their winnings in an effort to double their money following any successful spin by predicting the color of a card that will be picked at random.

More Action, More Fun

You might want to play 40 Burning Hot if you’ve played the first game in this series but have always craved more action, or if you simply enjoy playing classic slots with lots of paylines.

Given the increased amount of lines, this game’s volatility is a little tougher to avoid than it is in earlier games in the series, but that same fact can make it even more appealing to some gamblers who appreciate the highs and lows of a session. 

If you’re unsure whether this game is suited for you, you can either wait for our full review to be published when the device is released or you may play the original Burning Hot slot machine for free to get a feel for the theme of this series.

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